April 29, 2024

Avram Miller Talks About Renovaro And Its Impact In Diagnosing Cancers and Infectious Diseases With AI

The potential impact of AI on healthcare is vast and transformative. With the use of AI platforms for diagnosing diseases like cancer, we can expect improved accuracy, efficiency, and outcomes in patient care. Renovaro stands at the forefront of this innovative shift towards a more intelligent healthcare system powered by artificial intelligence.

Avram Miller Talks About Renovaro And Its Impact In Diagnosing Cancers and Infectious Diseases With AI

Question:  You are known for co-founding Intel Capital and being one of the internet drivers. What brought you to join the board of a cancer company, Renovaro? 

Answer:   Most people do not know that before my career in technology, I had a successful 13-year career in medical science, both as an academic and an entrepreneur. Ten years ago, I decided to focus my efforts on the intersection of technology and medicine. Since then, I have invested in early-stage med tech and advising institutions like the Cleveland Clinic and Sheba Hospital. My focus has been on longevity science. That took me into a deeper understanding of genetics and personalized medicine.

Last fall, a close friend who was involved with an AI Cancer diagnostic company based in Amsterdam, GEDi Cube, told me that they were about to join a cancer vaccine company, Renovaro, and asked me to get involved and help to make the combine companies a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of Cancer. I said no at least a dozen times. However, the more I learned, the more I realized that this company had a unique ability to dramatically change how Cancer was diagnosed and treated.

Almost half of everyone will get Cancer, and half of these people will die from it, so not only do we have a 25% chance that we will die from Cancer, but we probably have more than a 40% chance that either we or our spouse will die from Cancer. Cancer touches us all.

I played a role in the development of two primary technologies: the transformed society, the Personal Computer, and the Internet. I knew already that AI was the next significant transformation. I realized that it could be applied to medicine. Finally, I could no longer resist. I moved to Amsterdam to be close to the technologists and scientists who are working on the company’s AI aspect.

Question: Can you tell me what is unique about Renovaro’s approach?

Answer: Yes! We have an AI platform for diagnosing diseases, starting with Cancer. It is on extracting information that’s in the blood. I like to say, “making blood count for more.” You may have heard the term liquid biopsy. By looking at genetic information in the bloodstream, we can extract information equivalent to having a tissue biopsy. When cancer cells die, they shed DNA material, which can be analyzed, and there is additional information in the blood. We use a multi-dimensional analysis. The current products in the market tend to be single test point products. We don’t think that you can read the accuracy required to affect medical care with that approach, and the platform we built is an open platform. You could consider it an operating system where people can create applications. Frankly, the company reminds me more of Microsoft than Intel

When I look at new companies, I always ask two questions. ‘Why now’ and “Why you.” ‘why now” is because of the confluence of two major waves. One is a drastic reduction in the cost of genetic sequencing, and the second is the increase in the ability to do AI analysis, driven by companies like Nvidia, one of our strategic partners. ‘Why us?” we’ve assembled a world-class group of scientists and engineers, I think second to none, but thankfully, there’s also a role for me. I have been involved in creating some very successful corporations, and I love that process, so I am working closely with all the staff members and sitting down with the engineers and scientists. At this point in my life, only two things drive me. One is appreciating how fortunate I am, and the other is making a difference and giving back; Renovaro has given me that opportunity.

Question: You are known for being a very successful investor. Renovaro is a public company traded on the NASDAQ. What would you say to someone who is interested in the company from an investment point of view?

Answer: Open up your checkbook is what I would say. Renovaro is a company positioned to change how Cancer is managed, not only in diagnostics, but also in treatment. We are developing a personalized vaccine. It utilizes the genetic information from the person’s own Cancer to target the Cancer. Before combining the two companies, Renovaro could only look at genetic material from the primary tumor, but if the Cancer had metastasized, there might be genetic variations in the metastasis. That is likely, but if we look at the genetic information not from the tumor but from what is in the blood, we will pick up the metastasis. Also, if we could check cancer earlier, it would show up under imaging or other methods; the only way to treat it would be to use a vaccine since we don’t know where it’s located. This is very powerful.

If Renovaro pulls this off; it will be a great investment I would think.  Of course, investors have to make their own decisions, and I’m not giving investment advice. I’m just speculating on possibilities and investing significant time in making the company successful.

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